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Tirupur HR Forum has been instrumental in steering the way to reach a common platform to address issues related to human resources, industrial relation and its related fields. Also devoted to the development of skill and expertise of the professionals engaged in the management of human resources through regular lecture, meetings, seminars, training courses, conferences in its chapters all over the Garment industries.


To Create a common platform to spread the message of Professional Management in Human Resource Management and Development, and provide the support to young and existing HR professionals in Tirupur surrounding


To organise activities and programmes at both the national and chapter level with a view to upgrade the skills and professional standards of its members.


To serve as a forum for exchange of ideas and experiences and collection and dissemination of information on management in general and personnel management, industrial relations, human resources development and labour & social welfare, in particular.


To promote and safeguard the status and the interests of personnel management, industrial relations and labour welfare at work places and the interests of those engaged therein.


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